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When I dated another girl a year later, they were more respectful of the fact that it was an actual relationship. More and more of us are deciding to shirk traditional definitions of sexuality in favor of doing what feels natural. Sure, I got a lot of flack from my friends ("Oh, having the obligatory lesbian fling?

We all know a girl who says she's always been attracted to other women but has never really done anything about it, save the occasional bar makeout or session spent watching girl-on-girl porn. How second-season-of-") and my parents ("But you've always liked boys! "), but I also got a surprising amount of stink-eye from my girlfriend's lesbian friends.

But of course, it’s only by having a dialogue that we can sort out our differences.

We decided to bite the bullet and invite a group of lesbian Curve readers to give their frank opinions on the topic of dating bi women/female-spectrum folk…

Do you know how many monogamous blondes there are in the world? Seriously, why do you want her to make sexuality pie charts anyway, weirdo? Lesbians, you are so scary to so many bisexual women because so many of you think that bisexuals are cheaters or liars or fickle when the fact of the matter is, that bisexual girl who broke your heart because she left you for a man just left you for a person.

Be mad or hurt or sad because someone dumped you for someone else, but don't think for a second they dumped you because they secretly loved boys more than girls. She might feel like she doesn't have any place in the LGBT community or in the straight community.

But more and more, it's becoming acceptable for women to "hop the fence" — that is, to make the occasional gender switch-up in casual sex and in long-term relationships. Although I'd always privately identified as bisexual, I'd only dated boys before I met a girl I had instant chemistry with.

Both seem to be examples of the stronger sexual preference winning out in the end.

Yeah, it's just as weird for you to do that to a bisexual woman.2. So many people act like bisexuality is this weigh station between gay and straight, but it's not. Because I don't just date one gender, people act like I'm attracted to every single person in every room, but in reality, I am usually attracted to zero people in most rooms. If she ends up with one gender, that doesn't mean she's not still attracted to multiple genders. She married someone she loves, who happens to be one particular gender.6. I am attracted to almost no one, which means you can have almost everyone. She might be really scared to tell you she's bisexual.

You wouldn't keep asking a straight woman you were dating if she was "really" straight, right?

My family didn't get it and neither did the gay community.

It's not news that sexual fluidity has been working its way into the mainstream.

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Bella quietly unfollows Selena on Instagram, and so it begins.

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If you feel as if you’ve seen this turntable in a past life, fear not.

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Since the need for advice didn't diminish during this period of newfound isolation, the result was a rise in helplines—a phenomenon, Schement says, "nobody in the first 50 years of the telephone's existence would have imagined." Stephen Di Domenico, a Ph. candidate focusing on Communication Studies, also at Rutgers, tells me another shift was occurring in the culture at this time, too.

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If a relationship with an old friend is in the future, will it happen without a little push? Maybe this infatuation or interest has gone on for several years, even a decade or more. While of course you certainly don't want to be labeled a stalker, there really isn't anything wrong with looking up old friends.

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News of the irregularities, which is expected to be revealed in a regulatory filing by Apple before the end of this week, will add to pressure that has been growing on one of Silicon Valley’s most highly-regarded companies since the middle of 2005.

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During the first year he befriends Saanvi (Rashmika Mandanna) a Final year student and certain incidents impact Karna’s life making him question his very basic thought process.